Government & Local Authority

As with all other projects, government and local authority works require high-quality materials, ultra-reliable service and excellent workmanship as well as exceptional standards of finishing and clear, concise and continuous communication. NK Construction offers unrivalled experience in all aspects of the construction, fitting out and refurbishment of modern, premium-quality residential and administrative properties.

We are proud of our ability to offer full solutions across a massive range of new-build construction and refurbishment projects and we understand completely the value of integrating private and public areas to produce efficient, attractive, practical and useful properties.

Our flair for innovation, plus our knowledge of different construction techniques and technologies, allows us to provide cost-effective options tailored to suit the particular requirements of our clients and we are happy to work with architects and designers on any construction or refurbishment projects, where our experience often proves invaluable in providing practical and economical solutions to help realise the vision of both the architect and the authority.

We specialise in providing consolidated end-to-end solutions, handling all stages of a project from design and structural engineering through to planning and building regulations in addition to construction and project management.

We are used to the unique challenges faced when engaging in public-sector works and hold ourselves to the very highest standards. Our wealth of experience, gained over the last four decades, ensures that we consistently deliver optimum results without cutting corners. Whether we are involved in building a brand-new social care facility, refurbishing an existing residential development or updating a tired-looking office block, our clients can be assured that we will pay the closest attention to every aspect of the project - health and safety compliance, disabled access or the provision of services, fixtures and finishes. All are equally vital elements in the provision of the highest-quality built environment and, as with all aspects of our work, are areas where we continue to strive to excel.